Saturday, March 24, 2018

60th Birthday celebration

Well, I'm officially an old man, turned 60 and had a good time celebrating the day! One thing is my brother in law, he and my sister are the ones that lead Martha and I to the Lord in 1979 at CC Downey, his birthday is on my birthday!

So, they wanted to bless me for my birthday and his and took us to Phoenix, Arizona for the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball spring training game. Wow, baseball once again!! Something I grew up with as a child, playing ball since five years old till I was in my 40's 

It was excellent weather, it was in my shorts and flip flops watching a game that I hadn't seen in a long time, but most of all with and family and friends as we ended up calling pastor Carlos and his wife Susie from Flagstaff as I found out his birthday is a day before mine and my brother in law' so we celebrated three birthdays of men of God on this trip!

We went to Carlos & Susie' new house that he has been building himself, he made it out of Adobe bricks and its in the desert part of Arizona totally opposite of their home in Flagstaff 

We had to drive through city of Sedona traveling from the south desert area to the north mountain area, from wearing shorts to putting on jackets!!

Sedona is a beautiful area!

So, celebrating my birthday was a fun time in Azizona and as we drove home we had good talks to catch up on and then had a party with my family!

Another unexpected blessing

Now, when we look and consider our situation, we wonder what the Lord is doing? We have now been home over four months and right when we begin to wonder, Lord what going on here?" He then does something to remind us we are still in His heart and mind!

Now, since being back we have been blessed with a car and an apartment for free for a couple of months and then saints offering us a place to stay!

But then, we out of the blue was blessed with another car!

Psalm 84:11 For the LORD God is our sovereign protector. The LORD bestows favor and honor; he withholds no good thing from those who have integrity.

We are now saying OK Lord we know you care for us and you have a plan and we just need to relax and wait upon Him for the next thing!!

Being blessed at the CC Leadership Conference at CC Doowney

What a blessing it was to go to our first conference since returning back to the USA and it was a great topic; "The God of all comfort"

The speakers were amazing with some radical testimonies that deal with the topic of being a comforter to those hurting or being comforted by others when hurting!

We had an awesome time of worship with Jordan Lasch leading, he's the younger brother of Nathaniel and is a awesome worship leader!

Martha and I had a great time with family members that went to the conference and then seeing old brothers and sisters that we haven't seen in a long time plus meeting new ones at this event, a total blessing!

A day out with my grandson

I had a wonderful day with my grandson Nico who many have been praying for as he still having epileptic seizures. I promised him to take him out and he was so excited to hang out with Opa.

Now, I wanted to bless him but don't know how much he can do yet and didn't want to make him feel like he can't or that I'm worrying about it, so I just trusted the Lord that He will take care of him on our day out and we were going to have fun!

I ended up taking to a Flee Market where they sell everything under the Sun and good food too!! So we have a traditional LA hotdog which is wrapped in bacon with grilled onions!! Yummy!

Nico loved this, we ate and then watched a concert from a Christian artists that sang oldies that he wrote in the former years and re- mixed it with Christian lyrics!!

Then, of course Opa brought him some things and he was so happy but more to just hang out with me for the day

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Teaching the Word of God

I was asked to teach at CC Santa Fe Springs which is my sister Renee' church and I was blessed by the worship and fellowship there, I have taught there many times and I loved to exhort the saints there!
My sister says they want me back to teach them on prophecy!!

I was also a guest speaker at Richard & Samantha youth group, a Spanish speaking fellowship, CC Gracia, it was a purity conference for 4 Calvary Chapels in the area... It was an awesome time and afterwards the food was Taco man making fresh grilled meats to make different types of tacos with salsa!!!

Our 41st wedding anniversary

Martha and had our 41st wedding anniversary at the beach, something we can do at the beach in California as it was a nice day and warm enough to lay out a blanket and soak up some Sun!! 

We are blessed and we pray that the Lord will continue to do a work in our lives!!

Partying in Colorado

Our last day in Colorado we celebrated our granddaughter birthday as Adeley turned four years old...Oma had a special time with her and it was hard for Martha to leave there and return to California!

So we have our daughter Jenell with our two grandsons in Pittsburgh a five hour flight away and now Gina with our three grandchildren in Colorado a two hour flight and then a one hour drive north! And then Edmund Jr all the way in Germany with our other grandchildren...all we have now is our daughter Rachelle with our other five grandchildren...but five is not too bad, in fact it's enough for two oldies to handle!!